There you are.

You are sitting somewhere, maybe lying down, looking at a screen with little letters on it. Those are supposedly the same letters that I am typing right now, but when you read them, it won’t be the “right now” to which these words are referring as I type them. Maybe they aren’t the same letters. After all, we are looking at two different screens at two different points in time. I suppose they are just similar letters that happen to be in the same order thanks to the mysterious technology of the inter-webs, through which I can transfer “meaning” from my brain to your brain.

These are the kinds of things that I think about. I like to take my sense-data and make an attempt to use reason and language to achieve a hyper-accurate perception of reality and a hyper-accurate way to communicate it. In other words, I like to figure out how to be as objective as possible. Some people would probably call it “philosophy,” but I call it “philosophization.” The word “philosophy” is worn-out and ambiguous. I wanted something new that I could define a little more clearly.

I would be willing to bet that most heavy debates ultimately reduce to semantic disagreements. Opponents can’t come to terms on how things are (or should be) defined, and they argue past one another indefinitely because they don’t recognize it. This is the result of both widespread ambiguity in our language and generations of human populations unprepared to correct it.

I have come to the conclusion that the salvation of humanity (HA) can be found in fostering the growth of our most important thinking tools. Applying reason and improving the way we communicate are two of the highest priorities in this regard. So I decided I would write with this context in mind, developing a few strategeries along the way in the hopes that maybe a few people will be affected.

Here you can see my personal musings on all the theory related to human life.

DISCLAIMER: Positions are my own. I make a lot of big claims. I do not necessarily endorse all of them. Don’t take me too seriously, but I encourage anyone to take the spirit of discussion and collaborative learning seriously enough to challenge my ideas. If you think I am wrong about something, figure out what you think is wrong specifically, why you think so, and make a case for it. I will listen. Also, if you would like to discuss anything, I would be happy to set aside some time to chat. You can reach out to me in the form below.

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